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Asthma is a common problem that causes coughing and wheezing of varying degrees of severity.  It can be quite disabling it if goes on day after day, or comes on every time you exercise.  Sometimes it can become very severe and if not adequately treated, it can kill.  Most of the problems and dangers of asthma can be avoided or reduced by two areas of action. 
The first is to understand how to recognise when asthma is becoming a serious problem and know what to do about it.  The second is to know how to get the best out of the drugs that we use to keep it under control. 
Both of these are taught at our Asthma Clinic.  Indeed, it is the purpose of the clinic.  Because asthma varies from month to month or year to year, or simply by individuals being different, periodic checkups are necessary, often every 6 months.

Why Treat Asthma?
The reason is simple, if it is left untreated or inadequately treated, it can damage the lungs permanently, leading to breathing problems in later life.  The aim of our treatment is to keep asthma at bay, keep asthmatic out of hospital and prevent permanent lung damage.
Please arrange an appointment with Sister Ross or Sister Stone for an asthma check up.
Spirometry Clinic
Our spirometry clinics are nurse led and are held weekly by Sister Ross. 
COPD Clinic
The Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Clinic is nurse led and is held weekly  by Sister Ross.
We aim to provide continued monitoring and care of COPD patients and to help them to improve self management.  Appointments are offered to all patients with COPD to attend for annual review.