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Like other professionals, your doctor is entitled to charge a fee for the work that does not fall under the umbrella of the NHS.  This includes private health care, insurance forms, passport applications, private sicks notes, holiday cancellation forms, local council letters and many others. Our fees are advertised in the reception area and below for your reference.

Please check when booking medicals or requesting completion of forms etc.
Private Medical Fees Price List 2013
Sick Notes £16.50
Passports £30.00
Fitness to Travel, medical report £42.00
Health Club - Patient Fit to exercise £35.00
Free from infection certificate £35.00
OFSTED Childminders £87.50
All Letters (Ask doctor re housing letters before charging) £30.00
Insurance Claim Forms
Holiday Cancellation £30.00
Insurance Forms - 1 to 4 pages £26.00
Insurance forms 5+ pages £50.00
Medical Examinations
Full examination with report or certificate £175.50
Report without examination £124.50
HGV, PSV,  Taxi £100.00
Fitness to drive £100.00
Road Traffic Accident £21.30
Summary of Medical Records (Print Out) £5.00
Access to Computerised Medical Records £15.00
Full Patient Print of Computerised Medical Records £50.00
Private Vaccination Fees
Yellow Fever Vaccination £49.00
Hepatitis B Vaccination 3 x £30.00
NB price per vaccine (course of 3)
Blood Tests
Hepatitis A Antibodies £15.00
Hepatitis B Antibodies £15.00
Hepatitis C Antibodies £15.00
Rubella Antibodies £15.00
Varicella Antibodies £15.00
Malaria Tablets
Malarone Adult 12 tablets £35.00
Malarone Paediatrics 12 tablets £15.00