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Repeat Prescriptions

We are trying to improve our repeat prescripion process.



*Use your repeat request slip whenever possible, otherwise please fill in a request slip at reception.

*Know the name of the items which you want to order.

*Put your repeat request slip in the box on reception.  There is no need to queue.

*Try not to make urgent requests: it takes 72 hours to process a repeat prescription.


You should have a medication review at least once a year.

If you medication is out of synch (your tablets all run out at different times), we can fix this!  Ask to speak to Paula, our pharmacy technician.

In the interest of safety, repeat prescriptions cannot be requested over the telephone.  Please allow 72 hours for your request to be processed.

You may order your repeat prescription in the following ways:

1. In writing.
2. By e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

3. By fax: 0115 9735767
4. Using our online service

Some local chemists provide an order and collection service for repeat prescriptions. Ask your pharmacist if they provide this service.



Hospital Prescriptions

The hospital will often recommend changes to your medication, and so GP practices have agreements with the hospital about where prescriptions should be issued.
If you are attending an appointment at the hospital and you need an urgent prescription, the doctor will give you a prescription to be dispensed at the hospital pharmacy.
This prescription is not valid anywhere else, so please don’t leave the hospital until it has been dispensed at their pharmacy. If the treatment is non-urgent, then a period of at least five working days is needed for the letter to be received by us so that we can issue it safely.

After discharge from hospital, you should receive a minimum of 14 days supply of medications. We can safely issue further supplies once we have your discharge letter. If you are given a paper copy for us, please drop it in as soon as you are able. The hospital often send these letters electronically directly to us.

Key messages:

  • Allow 5 working days for all prescriptions resulting from an outpatient appointment.
  • Don’t leave the hospital until you have any urgent medications dispensed.
  • The hospital must supply patients on discharge from hospital with a minimum of 14 days of medication, pain killers and dressings.
  • Written information from the hospital enables us to be safe and efficient with your prescriptions.






Unused prescription medicines cost the NHS across the East Midlands over £30 million every year.

That could pay for.....

6000 hip replacements.

4200 heart by pass operations.

42,000 cataract operations.

900  Community Nurses.

5400 knee replacements.


Let your GP or pharmacist know if you have stopped taking any of your medicines.

Check what medicines you still have at home before re-ordering.

Discuss your medication with your pharmacist or GP on a regular basis.

Think carefully before ticking all the boxes on your repeat prescription forms - only tick those you really need.

If you do not need the medicine - do not order it!  If you need the medicine in future, you can still request it.

If are going into hospital, please take all your medicines with you.

Please remember - your medicines are prescribed for you - it is not safe to share them.