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Repeat Prescriptions

Ordering repeat prescriptions during the coronavirus pandemic

As the NHS responds to the challenge of the coronavirus pandemic it is more important than ever that we think of others when we order our repeat prescriptions.

If everybody plays their part and only orders their medicines when needed then we can ensure there is sufficient supply of medicines for everyone that needs them.

You can make a difference by:

Only ordering your medicines if you have less than two weeks supply left at home.

Checking what medicines you have at home before re-ordering more.

Opening your prescription bag while you are still inside the pharmacy and returning any unwanted medicines to the pharmacist.

Remember – don’t order it if you don’t need it. 

Message from NHS England. 

Repeat Prescriptions

If you are on a long term repeat prescription, you should have a medication review at least once a year.

This is for your safety to ensure the medication is clinically appropriate for your needs.
You will need to be seen by a GP and any repeat prescriptions may well be withheld until that medication review has taken place.
Alternatively, you may be issued with a short term temporary prescription to cover your short term needs prior to the medication review taking place.

Electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD)

If you get regular or repeat prescriptions, you could save time by switching to electronic Repeat Dispensing (eRD). eRD sends your prescriptions electronically from your GP surgery to a pharmacy of your choice. It’s easy to use and you don’t need a computer or electronic device. Ask your GP or pharmacist to set it up for you.

For more information about eRD and how it works, ask at your GP surgery or pharmacy, or visit the NHS website.

Don’t want to come into surgery to order your repeat prescriptions?

Order your prescriptions online


You can use our new, smartphone app called ‘MyGP’ to order your repeat prescriptions.
Please go to the myGP website to find out more.


Use the Prescriptions Medicine Order Line.
Simply call 0115 855 0260 between 8.00am – 4.00pm to order your repeat prescription.
You will be speaking to a trained professional who can ensure your prescription will be sent electronically to a nominated pharmacy of your choice or your GP practice if preferred.

Medicines Order Line

When will my prescription be ready?

Please allow at least 3 working days to collect your prescription after you have placed the request – the timetable below shows when your prescription will be ready:

Requested Before 12 noon on Prescription will be ready After 4pm on
Monday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Monday
Thursday Tuesday
Friday Wednesday